Furniture design and sourcing from a commercial perspective

Teemo supply furniture and home products to renowned brands and retailers worldwide.

Our core philosophy is to approach furniture design and sourcing from a commercial perspective. We focus on knowing you and your customer's product needs, so we can offer items tailored to your requirements whilst keeping a keen eye on value.

Sourcing from specialist factories in the Far East and Europe with quality and sourcing teams working locally on the ground, we can assure you quality and speed of response. This is backed up with direct contact and customer support from our UK head office.

We can supply clients' own designs, bespoke in-house designs or specially sourced products in volume. Please browse our site for more information.

Latest News

Teemo has moved!
We've moved! Now located in our new offices in Peterborough's Orton Southgate. Click here to go to our contact page for more information. 

Safe bent glass furniture. 99.9% is not! Teemo is addressing this

99% of all glass that is manufactured by bending contains high levels of internal stress as many producers simply do not have the scientific knowledge to achieve the best end results.  High levels of stress in glass can cause breakage during transit and can also act to cause failure during use.  In conjunction with foremost experts in glass science we have developed our own process for controlling the manufacturing process to achieve almost completely stress free glass giving a much lower failure rate. We have scientific measuring equipment to test every batch and confirm the low stress levels.

Please call for more information on this subject.

UV bonded glass with 45 degree joints
In conjunction with our partner factory we have developed our techniques in 45degree mitre jointed UV bonded glass. This is an amazing technique that gives a stunningly clean join line to the product. Several ranges now available using this technique. Please enquire for more info.‚Äč